Splendid Garnet Pearl & 22k Cannetille Cruciform Jewel

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This splendid garnet, pearl and 22k gold cannetille cruciform jewel may be worn as a pendant or a brooch. Cannetille is a style of metal work that employs intricately coiled gold wire. Tiny wires are curled, piled, and twisted to form complex patterns accented with tiny gold balls. An oval garnet sits at the center of the cross. Four garnet teardrops radiate out, set at the cardinal points. Natural pearls sit at the ordinal points. The construction of the piece is elaborate, with different elements layered to create depth. The settings are closed-back, the garnets are foiled to enhance their color and sparkle as was the style at that time. An antique split ring has been added to the integrated bale, and the brooch secures with the c-clasp common to this era. Circa 1840.

Please note that you Do Not want to get foiled closed-back gems wet, it will darken the stones.

Details.....The cross measures 1.2" by 1.35". In Very Good Antique Condition. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique jewels, it is a part of their charm.

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