Superb Scottish Penannular Cloak Pin with Agate & Citrine

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This superb Scottish pebble jewel is a traditional penannular cloak brooch. The brooch is an open ring with ornate terminals and a long pin that slides around the ring. The ring is engraved silver, inlaid with wonderful gray banded agate. Bright citrine gems are set in the terminals. The long silver pin is set with two citrines, one placed at its head to resemble a thistle. Traditional engraved patterns adorn the backside of the brooch. A special piece that will make you fall in love with Scottish pebble jewelry. Circa 1890.

Penannular brooches, also known as the Celtic brooches, are types of brooch most closely associated with the beginning of the Early Medieval period in the British Isles. A penannular brooch features a long pin attached by its head to an open ring with terminals; the pin can move freely around the ring as far as the terminals will allow.

Scottish pebble jewelry is one of our favorite categories of Victorian jewels. It evokes the image of Queen Victoria and her love of Scotland and all things Scottish. Once the fashionable English ladies see their lovely young Queen wearing her Scottish jewels, Scottish pebble jewels become all the rage and continue to be worn throughout Victoria's reign.

Details.....The brooch measures 2.08" by 2.26" and the pin is 3.2" long. In Very Good Antique Condition. You should always expect some wear on antique and vintage jewels, we consider it part of their charm.

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