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The Fancy Hand Gold Swivel Necklace

Ancient Influences

I always love these early 1800's watch hooks featuring a hand. Crafted to be your favourite chain, this will hold all of your charms, fobs and lockets. The chain is 14k double groove curb and the fob hook slides freely on the chain. Just wind the threaded bit upwards and the seemingly seamless hook opens to allow the attachment of your choice, and then just close it and wind back down the threads. This type of hook is not only cool it's super secure for anything you attach to it. The chain is 14k from the late 1800's. All this fabulous stuff was made by hand.

Details.....This chain measures 24" long, the  links measure 3.9mm wide. The hook measures 20.4mm x 10mm. Each item from this line of Jewelry is unique and incorporates re-purposed Vintage and Antique pieces, small imperfections are to be expected and considered part of their charm.

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