The Very Best Vintage Faience Scarab Necklace

Gem Set Love

When I look at this necklace of faience scarabs and papyrus flowers I imagine the young woman on an awe inspiring tour of Egypt and The Great Pyramids in the 1920's bringing this beauty home as a souvenir. The necklace is comprised of graduating sizes of antique faience scarabs flanked with papyrus flowers. Each link of the chain and decorative piece of this necklace is hallmarked with Egyptian hallmarks, made in Egypt in the early 20th century. The scarabs are often older than the jewels they are set in as it has been the custom for thousands of years to throw scarabs into the river Nile. The scarab has special meaning in Egyptian lore, it was believed that the beetle rolled the sun across the sky. Each faience scarab in this necklace has hieroglyphs on the back. Faience has been made for thousands of years, using quartz, sand crystals and other minerals ground together and crafted into its chosen form it was then heated to harden it, it was sometimes glazed as well.

Details.....The necklace measures 16" long and is all original. The center scarab in its setting measures 1.37" x 1.02", the next size down is 1" x .75", and the next .91" x .67". In Excellent vintage condition.

Layaway available, contact us for details.