The Vienna Sterling Silver Chain Mail Purse Necklace

Ancient Influences

This beautifully constructed little sterling silver chain mail purse is signed "Vienna." The mail is wonderfully fine and supple and is finished with ball fringe detail. The interior of the purse is unlined and the frame opens and closely easily. The purse hangs by a swivel hook marked "solid silver" from a long sterling chain. Wear this purse as a necklace or remove it from the chain and use it as a traditional bag.

The ingredients of this piece date to 1910-1920.

This line of jewelry is all about my two favourite things, the art of adornment and the art of re-purposing. I use pieces that are no longer viable in their original configurations by taking them apart and creating fresh, wearable pieces of jewelry.

Details.....The necklace measures 34" long. The purse measures 3.3" by 2.38". The hook measures 0.94" long.

Small imperfections are to be expected and considered part of the design.

Layaway available, contact us for details.