Victorian Comet Brooch set with Diamonds, Ruby and Sapphire

Gem Set Love

The nineteenth century saw a wealth of visible comets including the famous Halley’s comet and Comet Tebbutt, also known as “The Great Comet of 1861”. In fact, Comet Tebbutt was so great that earth passed right through its tail that arced visibly across the sky. These comets inspired a wonderful Jewelry trend, everyone wanted a "Comet Brooch". These brooches came in an assortment of shapes and sizes and could be as diverse as the Jewelers who made them. This one is silver with gold in the fashion of the late 1800's and set with Diamonds, and a Sapphire and a Ruby. All of the gems are wonderful old cuts, there are Cushion cuts, Old European Cuts, and even Rose Cuts. The brooch has an early safety clasp known as a trombone clasp.

Materials: Silver, 14k Yellow Gold, .48 points of Diamonds, a .25 point Blue Sapphire, and a .06 point Ruby.

Condition: Excellent Antique Condition.

Measurements: 56.9mm long and 5.84mm wide.

Layaway available, contact us for details.

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Type: Brooch