Vintage Pink Imperial Topaz in Recycled Platinum and 18k

Gem Set Love

The most coveted color in Imperial Topaz is this magical shade of pink. This gem weighs .52 carats and is set east west in a Georgian style cut back collet.  Crafted of recycled 18k white gold & Platinum, each ring is unique to its gem and handcrafted to my exacting specifications. This piece would make a lovely engagement ring.

All of our metals come from a certified green refinery and our stones are drawn from our collection of vintage gems.

Our jewelry making process takes time, we don't mass produce, each piece is made by hand in house using age old techniques. 

Details... Currently a 5.75, this ring can be sized to fit you for no extra charge. The ring measures 6.6mm x 4.7mm at the top.

Layaway available, contact us for details.