Whimsical Man in the Moon Tigers Eye Ring by 720

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Stories exist about the Man in the Moon in cultures all over the Northern Hemisphere. The Man in the Moon was a very popular motif during the Art Nouveau era, a period that valued romance and mystery. This recycled 14k yellow gold ring is set with a tigers eye carved with the Man in the Moon. The striking gem is bezel set above a slim half round band. Tigers eye has an optical property known as chatoyancy, intergrown fibers that reflect a silky shimmer that almost seems to flow across the gem. Its is a wonderful medium for depicting his whimsical face, and the carving is very sensitive.

Designed and handcrafted by us right here in Portland Oregon. Pieces from our in-house line combine the timeless aesthetic of vintage jewelry with a modern sensibility. We use metal from a green certified refinery, and the vintage gems are drawn from our collection. You can own a beautifully handcrafted piece of jewelry and know it is created completely of recycled materials.

Details.....Currently a size 7. The ring may be sized up or down two sizes free of charge. The moon top of the ring measures 10mm in diameter and the band is 2.3mm wide.

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