Wide Gold and Platinum Retro Band with Rose Cut Diamonds

Gem Set Love

All of us at GSL are pretty much in love with this ring. The wide yellow gold band with its industrial design is retro all the way and the chunky rose cut diamonds are 19th-century fabulousness. But the best part is how they look together, so unexpected and so good. Made in the 40's with diamonds that were 100 years old then, the 5 rows of diamonds hold a total of 26 rose cuts. The rose cut has a unique design, the back is cut flat and faceted randomly on the slightly domed top. One of the reasons rose cuts are awesome is because no two are exactly alike, each one has its own personality.

Materials: 14k yellow gold, Platinum, and Diamonds.

Measurements: 14.8mm wide at the diamond set-top, and 7.6mm wide at the back of the band.

Size: 7.5, it can be sized up or down 1.5 sizes for no additional charge.

Era: circa Band 1940, Diamonds 19th c.

Condition: Very Good with light wear in keeping with its age.

Layaway available, contact us for details.