jens alby gold and lapis mid mod ring

Mid Mod; A Revolution at the Jewelers Bench

I have been obsessing a bit over the jewels of the mid 20th century lately but I think it all really started about 15 years ago when I met an extraordinary woman. She walked into my shop all flowing fabrics and big jewelry and we started talking. She told me of her jewelry collecting adventures, walking up flights of stairs to an artists aerie, meeting Margaret DePatta, shopping street fairs and seeking out interesting and unique hand crafted jewels. She shopped mainly in San Francisco and as she spoke I could imagine that city in the 1950's and 60's, so vibrant and edgy full of talented dreamers. I was lucky enough to buy a group of jewelry from her, and I admit I tucked a few pieces away.

That day 15 years ago the seed was planted in me and it seems to have sprouted. I have been gathering, collecting and yes maybe even hoarding these edgy creative jewels and now I am starting to release them. I am sending these beauties full of curvaceous laughter and serious balance out into the world to be worn loved and admired anew. The freshness and new ideas of the mid mod generation didn't just happen in New York and San Francisco, it seemed to happen everywhere at once, a hopefulness that creativity could change the world, a revolution at the jewelers bench. I have listed some pretty fabulous wearable works of art, each one a breath of fresh air, an idea that unique not only can be but is Fabulous.



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