Every Day is Earth Day

Every Day is Earth Day

I have so much gratitude for this beautiful planet we live on and I hope that the experiences we have all had in the last few years will change the way we see things. Will we remember that our planet needs to breathe? Will we tread more lightly and with more appreciation of the beauty of nature? Will we be more aware of the choices we make when we buy things? I hope we will.

I want to share with you how I celebrate the earth every day at Gem Set Love. My founding principal for my business was and still is Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-love.

We offer our customers an exceptional and thoughtfully curated selection of vintage and antique jewels as well as lovingly crafted artisan pieces, some even made by a couple of us who work here. Whether a jewel is vintage, antique, or newly made, you can be assured that we take recycling and ethical sourcing seriously.

It is important to me to know where all of my raw materials come from, as removing metals from the earth can be harmful to our air and soil, and especially our water.

The refinery where I buy my recycled gold cleans the air and water they use to refine recycled metals before it is released. The wedding bands we sell, whether made in house, or by one of only two manufacturers I trust are made from refined not mined metals. Even something as simple as the gold jump rings we use are made from refined/recycled gold.

When you buy a 720 house line piece, it is made right upstairs by hand by one of our amazing metal smiths using age old fabrication techniques and recycled materials. Even our gems are recycled or vintage - whether saved from an old piece that couldn't be restored, purchased from an estate, or dead stock from long closed jewelry stores.

Being good stewards, keeping our footprint small, and employing amazing people means every jewel from Gem Set Love is brought to you with care and love, for the earth and for each other.

It is my hope that Earth Day will be every day and that the reflection of the care and love we are showing for each other and the planet will make a positive difference. Wishing you health and happiness,




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