Ancient Intaglio Jewelry

In a twist of fortune and fate, I was lucky enough to find the most brilliant collection of Ancient Roman Empire Intaglios at an estate. Immediately I was struck with their beauty and history. I decided the best way to honor these artifacts is through resurrecting them into the modern world as spectacular jewelry. 

Ancient Intaglios were worn by the wealthy businessmen and leaders in Ancient Rome, allowing them to sign documents by transferring hot wax onto letters and contracts as their signature. The intaglios themselves were handmade by skilled artisans through carving an image onto a gemstone. These become one of the most coveted treasures of the ancient world.

I hope you love this small, limited collection of rings and fob pendants we designed in-house, using the Ancient Intaglios as the focal point. Each one is truly remarkable.

The fob pendants are held in bezels of recycled 18k yellow gold and suspended from rings so that they will slide onto the chain or charm hook of your choosing. Each piece from this collection is hand crafted from start to finish in our in house studio by one of our talented gold smiths.

This is a limited collection, each intaglio unique. The surfaces of these artifacts are over 1,500 years old, so you can see their journey through some wear. Truly Ancient. 

Below you will find: 

  • The Falcon
  • The Centurion
  • Diana
  • The Heron
  • The Emperor
  • Satyr
  • Capricornus
  • Commodus as a Lion
  • Castor and Pollux
  • The Centurion
  • Roman Carnelian Soldier
  • Roman Carnelian Soldier with Snakes
  • Roman Carnelian Gentleman
  • Roman Carnelian Youth
  • Roman Carnelian Woman
  • Roman Soldier Hematite
  • Hunting Scene
  • Snakes
  • God Mercury

Each one is unique, so once it sells out, it is irreplaceable!